traditional & artisan perfumes

The Amber Trail brings you exotic, handmade Solid Perfume Blocks sourced from the souks of Morocco.
Also a selection of beautiful Cailloux from France...... handmade perfume rocks exquisitely blended by an Intuitive Perfumer.

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Our Story

The Amber Trail began with a love of far away places and old cultures. An unquenchable desire for exploring local markets and hidden corners inevitably finds us wandering through laneways and souks and the discovery of treasures they conceal. Small pieces to take home easily are always appealing.
We came upon the Perfume Blocks in the souks of Morocco, being handed to us by ladies from the mountains come down to sell their wares. 
We look for the point of difference and the smallest environmental impact possible.
Our multi-use perfumes come with minimal packaging and are long lasting and gorgeous. 
Our passion is for sharing these beautiful fragrant experiences with you.

Amber Trail Classics

We provide a range of Solid Perfumes from Morocco and France along with other perfumed treats & treasures created by us or found along the way.

Moroccan Perfume Blocks

Traditional Moroccan Perfume Blocks

Best Seller

Exotic, handmade, Solid Perfume Blocks sourced from the souks of Morocco. These heady, sensual perfumes are made from old recipes using local waxes, oils, resins, herbs, flowers, spices and essential oils and are traditionally rubbed lightly on pulse points or through your hair.

They can be placed in your clothes drawers or amongst your towels adding a lingering, subtle scent that lasts for years.

Place some crumbled block in a small hessian or linen bag to hang in your wardrobe. 

A great addition to your suitcase.

Keep a piece in your car and the heat of the sun will make it smell amazing.

(the perfumes are made of waxes so are best tucked away from the direct heat of the windscreen)

Keep your caravan or boat smelling odour free and fabulous everytime you use it.

French Perfume Rocks

French Perfumes & Ribbons

A selection of beautiful Cailloux from France...... handmade perfume rocks exquisitely blended by an intuitive Perfumer. 

These are vegan friendly and made from plant based waxes, resins and essential oils.
Lovely around the house but AMAZING melted in an oil burner, sending beautifully layered notes throughout your space.

Also available from France

Perfumed Cotton Ribbons for Pleasure or Purification. 1.5 metre length.

Cut a small piece. Light the end then blow out for a meditative, purifying experience. 

El Jedida cistern, inside the Old Portugese City.

Hammam Collection

It's customary in Morocco to spend time in the Hammam or Bath House.

This is where magic happens.

The lightness of 100% Pure steam distilled Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water.
Amazing 100% Pure Argan Oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil,

Magical Face Serums made with Love by Us
Gorgeous restorative and nourishing face masks and Moroccan Beldi black soap (savon noir) to give your skin the ultimate exfoliating and softening treatment. 


Cairns, Australia


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